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Welcome to the IRCHaven IRC Network website. Use the links to get help and learn more about our network


June 05 2018
New server, Secaucus2.NJ.US.IRCHaven.Org and the admin is MikeAce
New website server host too.

March 19 2018
Ljubljana.SI.EU.IRCHaven.Org server has been renamed to Roubaix.FR.EU.IRCHaven.Org

January 24 2018
We have opened a free znc service for IRCHaven. Please join #znc if you want one. It's very easy to get a znc. Just type: !request usernameyouwant avalidemail and you can get one.
Example: !request vigilant

August 30 2017
I've added the kiwi irc chat client here. Feel free to connect to irchaven using the web client.

October 5 2016
Amsterdam.NL.EU.IRCHaven.Org delinked today

July 17 2016
Removed the old chat code from the main page.

May 13 2013
Updated the website to represent IRCHaven.

May 12 2013
Made the migration from FnNuts to IRCHaven. Updated all servers to represent IRCHaven.

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